Move it!

After a disappointing venture out of the house… I came home and tried to refresh… only the hot water in our apartment had been turned off. SO I tried to watch some Disney Channel, which I may be married and still a fan of for downtime and it did make me feel better, yet the To Do list from yesterday is still not done and so I’ve decided to play around on blogger until our water turns back on, hoping my husband was right about the time. With clear goals in-sight one can really start to feel better 🙂

I also found this inspiring post The Path of Most Resistance by Rian at Truth and Cake and SO GLAD I did. I can completely relate with this post today, what are the chances?! SO I am taking this advice, which I most likely knew all along, and just needed the kick and for someone to relate with some advice to move it.

Another for these paths I find useful:

630f5ce1c0dff48c3552ad23fcdd91c9Its truly better to just know this.

I find it a LOT easier to talk to someone we meet about Jesus when we are not worried, upset, feeling alone or uncomfortable.

Our comfort should really, truly, always come from Jesus. A valuable lesson.



Stuck delete key and Fantasy Draft

We are out of toilet paper and things to eat…. I think this is what they call being a newlywed,  we are definitely looking forward to getting this married thing down. As I am about to make myself peanut butter on a hamburger bun for a midnight snack I thought it would be fun to start a Barnes’ blog. I kind of have been always looking forward to a married couple’s personal blog, so Stuck delete key and all!


* Wishing we had some of this to eat!

Today I spent the day inside with a fresh new today list for tomorrow, which entails grocery shopping in Virginia (essentials!), a little laundry, cleaning and ThAnK YoU NoTeS that must go out asap! Then meeting John in D.C. for a work meeting/get together.

I also experienced my first fantasy football live-draft. The joys of marriage!

~ B